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At Reload Physio we are committed to keeping up with the latest technological advances and research in the physiotherapy profession. We are continually investing in new technology and upskilling our Physiotherapy team to ensure every client achieves the best possible outcome.  

Investing in the latest technology means that the Reload Physio team can deliver more accurate diagnoses and treatments, resulting in the best possible outcome for you.   

This use of cutting edge technology will help you get you back to your best as quickly as possible.


AxIT is short for “Assess It” but pronounced “Axe It” and that’s exactly what this system does.  We chose to invest in this elite technology, because your health and wellness is too important to just estimate your strength. Having a measure gives us the accurate information that we need to direct the best path for your rehabilitation!

The AxIT devices (the Push-It, the Pull-It, and the Stomp-It’s) can accurately assess the performance, strength and power of almost any muscle in your body, and the movements made in sports or daily activities. Quick AxIT tests are a regular part of our physiotherapy consultations, to give a measure of your current strength to show your progress or, where you need to focus your rehabilitation.  

Comprehensive AxIT Assessments and Benchmarking

Our comprehensive AxIT assessments are a great way to ensure everything is measured and helps our team paint a whole picture of you and your current situation..  

These include 12-15 tests tailored to your sport or injury needs.  The measurements and objective data from these tests are a great way to track your progress and achieve your pain relief, rehab or sporting goals.  

These assessments must be booked in as a specific AXIT Comprehensive Assessment and Benchmarking session. Duration up to 40mins.


Gaitscan technology is valuable tool for our physiotherapists at Reload Physio to use to analyse your dynamic foot motion when you walk.  

Undertaking a Gaitscan provides us with accurate information about your: 

  • Walking (gait) patterns

  • How feet come into contact with the ground

  • Areas of feet that take the force and the timing 

  • How your walking pattern compares to the optimal timing and pressure distribution.

  • Parts of your gait that need more assessment.  

Gaitscan is helpful for our physiotherapists to determine factors that contribute to your injury (in conjunction with a thorough assessment and injury history).

Lower priced custom orthotics

Gaitscan’s digital casting system allows us to easily order fully customised foot orthoses (Orthotics) if indicated.  

If you only need foot orthotics for the short term to temporarily offload an injured structure, we also offer a competitively priced “off the shelf” orthotics range. 

Galileo Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT)

The Galileo vibrating platform delivers a variety of treatment benefits.  At Reload Physio our Physiotherapists use this therapy to help treat back pain, strengthen muscles and improve bone density and balance.

Standing on or performing exercises on our Galileo Side Alternating Vibration Platform stimulates your muscles, fostering more rapid muscle activation and development to help fast track your recovery.  

Clinical research has shown that vibration training can improve: 

  • Muscle mass, power and endurance  

  • Bone density 

  • Balance 

  • Sports Performance; and 

  • Provide relief from muscle tension

Whole Body Vibration Therapy can be used within Physio Consultations, Strength and Rehab Sessions, Move and Control Sessions, MOVE, LOAD or ONERO classes at Reload Physio, but only in discussed and approved by your treating Physio first.

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT)

RSWT is clinically proven to deliver immediate pain relief and promote tissue healing in the 6 weeks that follow.  RSWT applies radial shockwaves (acoustic pulses) to the affected area using a hand-held device.  

We find RSWT to be an extremely beneficial treatment for a wide range of musculo-skeletal injuries.  At Reload Physio, we commonly use RSWT to treat:  

  • Chronic Achilles Tendon problems

  • Plantar Fasciopathy (Plantar fasciitis)

  • Jumpers Knee (Patella tendinopathy)

  • Hip Tendon injuries (Gluteal Tendinopathy)

  • Shoulder tendon injuries (Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy)

  • Tennis elbow 

We chose the Swiss DolorClast Radial Unit because it is the most effective, well-researched machine available. Swiss DolorClast are the world leaders in RSWT and official providers of shockwave treatment to the Olympic Games athletes.

To get the best possible results from your RSWT treatment, it must be combined with a thorough exercise program.

RSWT technology incurs an additional surcharge.