Physio Massage

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Our physiotherapists provide results-driven massage services in a clean, safe environment.

While clinical research strongly directs us towards exercise for long term benefits for injury rehabilitation, we acknowledge the benefits of remedial massage for the relief of tension, discomfort and also in the recovery from sport and training. 

Our Physio Massage services can be used as part of a course of injury treatment and rehabilitation, or simply at times where muscular tension is developing and relief is needed from a practitioner who knows your injury and can help guide you in the best direction to ensure the benefits are sustained. 

At Reload Physio we don’t want to provide any false promises and lead you to believe that massage will be the cure to chronic injuries. Massage and other ‘passive techniques’ while beneficial for immediate relief of symptoms, should only be a part of an injury management plan. 

If you suffer from tightness, or tension from work, sore or tight muscles from sport and exercise or have an injury that requires massage as part of the management, then our Physiotherapy team at Reload Physio can help. 

Please note that Massage in the first 1-2 days after an acute injury is generally not advised, please speak to one of our Physiotherapists if you are unsure if massage is appropriate or not for your circumstances.