Our community

One of our primary values is being community focussed - this community is our lifeblood - we will strive to exceed their expectations to help them achieve their goals. We will support our community. We will make our community better.

Where possible we choose to use local providers for all of our needs, below is a list of local business that we support and we encourage you to check them out too.

Clubs and community groups that we support

Charity support

In this world there are hundreds of worthy charities that rely on support from the community, we are proud to support 2 charities that are particularly passionate about at Reload Physio.

They are both causes that are very close to our heart - Mental Health and Cancer.

How we support- From December 1st 2019

For all new patients attending our Sydney Rd practice, we will donate $2 from their initial consultation fee to one of the two charities.

We let you, the patient, choose between which of the two charities you will donate to (of course you are welcome to add a few dollars if you choose - but we will not pressure you to do so!). At the end of each month we will tally up the amounts and donate to the respective charities.

$2 may not seem a lot, but most months this will be $300-$400. Every bit helps.

Local facilities that we provide physiotherapy services