Women’s Wellness

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Women’s body undergo many changes, some of these can be challenging such as the changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Some women also have other challenges during exercise and other day to day activities that are often not spoken about or are just considered as normal, but in many cases they are not. 

The Reload Physiotherapy team understand that your treatment needs are going to change at different times of your life. We are committed to providing physiotherapy that helps you achieve your physical ‘best’, and prepares you for the future 

Discreet women’s physiotherapy treatments

  • Experienced physiotherapists with particular interests in Women’s health who provide treatments that are specific to your unique needs. 

  • Safe, confidential environment. 

  • Flexible options including one-on-one services and group classes. 

Reload prenatal physiotherapy services

Pregnancy is such an exciting time of your life, but it comes with some uncomfortable side effects.  During pregnancy, you may have to deal with a painful back, or pelvis, neck pain tingling hands and incontinence (just to name a few!).  

How can Reload make life easier for you during your pregnancy? 

Reload’s team can provide you with: 

  • Personalised, safe pre-natal exercise programs to help you stay fit during pregnancy,  

  • Private treatments and advice to help address pregnancy related health concerns.  

  • Pelvic floor exercise recommendations including Real Time Ultrasound Assessments to make sure you are completing the exercises correctly.      

  • Our Bubs-In group classes for preganancy to keep you fit, strong and mobile (with plenty of chitchat amongst the Mums-To-Be).  

Reload postnatal physiotherapy treatments 

Our physios are experienced at helping new mothers regain their full fitness and vitality levels post natally.  We can provide you with personalised exercises that help restore posture, abdominal strength and improve your pelvic floor.

Postnatal exercise and rehabilitation

We will help you start your journey back into exercise safely with a tailored postnatal rehabilitation program.  A physiotherapist will also be able to notify you of any potential risks and refer you to a specialist if needed.  

Exercising too soon, or in the wrong way after giving birth may cause health complications.  To avoid injuries, we focus on restoring pelvic floor function and caring for your lower back.

You have the option of exercising one-on-one with your physiotherapist or joining our Physiotherapist led Bubs-Out Post-Natal exercise class with other new mothers and their babies.