Strength and Rehab

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(One-On-One with a physiotherapist)

At Reload Physio, we believe that injury rehabilitation is not complete without the strength to be resilient to the loads that life places on you. 

As part of your rehab, at Reload Physio our Physiotherapist will tailor an exercise program that meets your injury needs while taking into account your injury history, your goals in life, and your current levels of conditioning and fitness. 

Strength and Rehab sessions at Reload Physio are backed by the latest clinical research, and utilise our comprehensive strength and conditioning facilities so you can confidently return back to your life without the fear of reinjury. 

If required, our one-on-one Strength and Rehab services also involve building a program for you to complete at your local gym, at home, or to complete in our small group LOAD classes under the supervision of a Reload Physiotherapist.

You don’t need to wait till you have an injury to benefit from our Strength and Rehab services, we can also help you reach your personal physical goals for performance, fitness, endurance training with our carefully developed exercise programs.  

Think of Strength and Rehab services at Reload Physio as the bridge between being injured and having the confidence to return safely back to the sports field or the gym, or, where you feel your personal situation requires strength based exercise under the guidance of your Physiotherapist who knows you.