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Physiotherapy Pregnancy Exercise Class


Physio Pre Natal Exercise class

Keep fit, strong, and mobile while going through the ‘joys’ of pregnancy. Bubs-In is a mat based prenatal exercise  class that involves Pilates-based exercises, weights, bands, rollers and fitballs. 

Regular exercise during your pregnancy helps to prevent pelvic instability pain, maintain fitness and minimise injuries before, during and after labour. Bubs-In involves pelvic floor exercises, education and advice regarding back care during preganancy. There is also lots of chatter amongst the expectant mums sharing their experiences.

All participants are required to complete a pre-class questionnaire and attend a physio session to thoroughly screen for safe admissions and to learn correct Pelvic floor and core recruitment patterns.

Bubs-In classes are all led by Physiotherapists and are claimable on Private Health Insurance.

Tue & Thu - 7:20pm