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Physiotherapy is the profession of helping you achieve your physical best. Upon discussion with you we will help you achieve your physical goals whether injury recovery, injury prevention, managing chronic conditions or making you better than yesterday.

Our treatments vary greatly, and can include both active and passive treatments, from expert hands-on soft tissue treatments and joint mobilisation and manipulation, personalised exercises programs, gym guidance, pilates inspired rehabilitation and of course LOAD, without load, you won’t get strong. Throughout this process we will continue to educate you to understand the why, the what and the how.

We have 3 stages to our treatment philosophy when dealing with injury rehabilitation

Relieve the hurt
Regain the movement
Reload for resilience

Range of Treatment options

Our diverse range of services allows you to get the help that you what and need, not what you don’t.

If you feel your injury is complex, or there is a big history that you feel needs to be told, you may want more time, so we offer a range of service durations. You may choose to book an Extended Initial Consultation.

Free Injury Screening

If you are unsure if Physio is the best option for you, or you want a second opinion about the best approach for your injury, you may choose to book in for a Free Injury Screening. A Free Injury Screening involves a brief assessment and does not include treatment. It allows time for a Physiotherapist to hear your history and perform some basic tests to determine what is the best next step. If treatment is the next step, this will need to be scheduled for another time.

We Do Not recommend booking a Free Injury Screening when in acute pain where you are hoping for pain relief at that time.