At Reload Physio, we love running!  

The Reload Physio team have extensive experience in all facets of running from track running, to road marathons, and mountain ultramarathons, from coaching running groups, to fun runs and recreational running and everything in between so we are confident that whatever your level of needs are, then we have you covered.

Running has huge benefits for both body and mind! But just like any sport, runners experience their fair share of injuries.  

We are committed to helping runners recover, rehabilitate and reach their goals.  

Running services and treatments 

  • Full Running related injury services

  • Comprehensive Running Assessments and Reviews

  • Running Groups for Technique correction- RUN

  • Running Groups for speed and fitness- Run with RunLikeCrazy

  • Event Training programs

  • Tailored training, strength and rehabilitation programs for runners.  

Running related injury services

As Physiotherapists with a passion for running we know it’s extremely important to identify all of the contributing reasons for your running-related injury.  This gives you the better chance of a quick recovery and also of avoiding a reoccurrence in the future, so you can keep running.    

Our 3-point approach considers: 

  • Your Physical condition

  • Your Running technique    

  • Your Running and training history 

Comprehensive running assessments to correct your technique 

These sessions with our skilled Physiotherapists provide a comprehensive analysis for runners that need assistance correcting (or improving) their technique.  You will receive a detailed report of our findings, recommended exercises, running technique drills and cues, and gain a better understanding of safe training loads.

These sessions are generally 60minutes in duration. 

Running review sessions 

To get the most out of your comprehensive running assessment we recommend booking in a follow up session within 2 – 4 weeks.   At your review session, we will help you to further refine your running technique and provide you with new and improved exercises.

These sessions are generally 40 minutes in duration. 

Personalised training programs for your next running event 

We get a kick out of helping our clients smash their running goals at every stage of their running journey. The Reload Physio team have extensive experience in events of all distances (Short distance track running to 100km Ultramarathons and everything in between). We know that success or failure depends on what the training program has been like in the buildup to the event.  

We can help you through the confusion of Tempo’s, Fartlek, intervals and long runs, and educate you on how to use these to achieve the most from your training efforts.